Meet our Founder

Twenty years ago mother and nurse Leslie McLeod-Downes began to notice the need for trained Care Workers as she looked after her daughter Robyn (who had a serious health issue). Leslie started training Care Workers and placing them in homes. Leslie founded Robin Trust in 1993 with a vision to both train and place carers through an agency. Later she opened “The Nest” for those suffering from Alzheimer’s, dementia and strokes. Leslie went on to later support the opening of our nursing college.
A few years ago, Leslie Mcleod-Downes moved to the UK and she now works as a Nursing manager in the NHS. She is a passionate about seeing Churches rise up and offer nursing care in the community. Her blog, called Robyn’s Victory, celebrates God’s love through her passion of birding photography, Risen Bakery and other community projects. She is also a reader in the Anglican Church and has a passion to see the poor in Africa receive excellent nursing care. It is her vision for developing carers of quality that is at the heart of Robin Trust.
Meet our Founder


Robin Trust is a non-profit organisation, delivering excellent care in line with our Christian ethos. Whether caring for patients during their recovery from illness or surgery in a high-end ward, offering elderly patients a dignified place of care or educating Nurses and Care Workers, care is our focus. We place a high value on excellent care and compassion in every aspect of what we do.
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This is who we are

Robin Trust is not named after a bird, but a little girl called Robyn who had a serious health condition and needed the constant care of home carers and nurses. Robin Trust was born out of the need for compassion and excellent care for those who were most vulnerable. Robin Trust was formed in the hope that staff would take the love of God to the sick and the aged. A care facility, Care Worker agency and Home Based Care Worker’s college all grounded on the Christian faith, were formed. This grew into Robin Trust today.
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Who we are

Meet our Trustees

Leslie McLeod-Downes

Msc Nursing, Founder Trustee

Cathy Miller

Chairperson of the Trustees
Trustee since 2003, Works as a physiotherapist and in the upliftment of previously disadvantaged women.

Molemoeng Martha Shebi-Magadla

Molemoeng has Nursing management experience with research exposure.

Nigel Dunlop

A Robin Trust Trustee
Nigel has local and international corporate management experience.

Chris Woolnough

A Robin Trust Trustee since 1989
BSc in Economics from London, member of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport South Africa, Vice Chairman of the Helen Keller Society and retired as finance manager of a large passenger transport company.

Sam Moore

Sam joined the Board of Trustees in 2014, retired Professor of General / Paediatric Surgery at the University of Stellenbosch.

John Fischer

Trustee since 2010
Pastor of Vineyard Community Church, Pinelands and part of Pastoral Leadership of the Members of the Vineyard Church.

Meet our Management Team

Robin Trust’s management is committed to high standards of excellence and to seeing Robin Trust offer excellent care on every level.

Corlea Viljoen

General Manager

Gerard Hillman

Finance and Administration Manager

Alicia Naidoo

Nursing Services Manager

Ronel Coetzee

Manager Home Based Care College

Maureen Esterhuizen

HR manager

Rowena Sansom

Care at Home Agency Manager

Panny Shomang

Meet our Management Team
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