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With 20 years’ experience in nursing, caring for patients at home and educating carers, Robin Trust is a leader in knowledge about nursing care and ailments that are common to patients who often need on-going care from a Nurse or Home Based Care Worker.
Trust us to keep you informed of the latest developments, cutting-edge research and lesser-known information that will make your ‘get-well’ journey easier.
Here, our expert staff and trustees keep you up-to-date on the latest knowledge and research around home-based care, sub-acute care and many of the ailments we come across at Robin Trust.
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The qualified medical staff and trustees of Robin Trust share their expert knowledge to help you and your loved ones on your journey to health. Do you need more information about an illness or medical complaint? Watch this space to read insights and the latest information from Robin Trust Medical staff and Trustees, many of whom have been working in the medical field for decades.

Talk on Anorexia by Dr Dorothy Boshoff

Part 1

Talk on Drugs by Dr Dorothy Boshoff

Part 2

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