An Angel in Disguise

Rosette Sitamili, one of Robin Trust’s home-based carers, received this beautiful testimonial of the loving, compassionate care she provides.

Rosette cared for my mother from February 2020, working 7 hours a day, 6 days a week. When lockdown level 5 of the Covid pandemic occurred towards the end of March, Rosette agreed to live in with my mother and quickly became her 24-hour carer when my mother’s health declined. She cared for her singlehandedly until the end of October 2020, only taking a few days break every 4-5 weeks.

During this time, she slept with a monitor at her bedside so that she could be called at any time of the night. On nights when she was concerned about my mother’s needs, Rosette would sleep in the room with her. When the caring became more demanding – especially at night – we changed to a 2-week on/2-week off caring package and Rosette continued to do sterling work.

When the alternate carer had to quarantine after her husband tested Covid positive, Rosette willingly worked non-stop again for 4 weeks without a break. In April 2021, it became necessary to change to 12 hour shifts of care because busy nights made it impossible to be on duty 24 hours a day for 2 weeks at a time. Again, Rosette went the extra mile and was often doing washing and ironing over and above her caring duties.

Rosette worked tirelessly until my mother passed away on 8 June 2021, in her 97th year. Rosette was heartbroken to lose someone who had come to mean so much to her. She stayed on an extra few days to help wash and iron and sort out my mother’s belongings for us.

Rosette is cheerful, tireless and proactive, always prepared to do anything even if it is not part of her job description. No task is too small or too big to tackle. She is a devoted and loyal helper who always treated my mother with gentle respect. When my mother was irritable from discomfort, Rosette treated her patiently, understanding her frustration and being quick to forgive.

She is professional in her attitude, responded well to constructive criticism and was always keen to improve her skills. Although small in stature, Rosette is physically strong and was able to move and position my mother even after she became very frail.

She loved my mother deeply, treated her as she would her own mother. She helped with daily Bible readings, after which they sang hymns and prayed together. Rosette even helped my mother to listen to sermons broadcast by her church and facilitated family videocalls.

I can give a wholehearted recommendation for Rosette for any future caring jobs. She proved herself capable and efficient and puts her heart and soul into her job. She is a gem and an angel in disguise!